The Miquest application is the power house of the suite with the ability to handle almost all Asset Management, Maintenance and Stock requirements. Miquest has been in development since the early 1990’s and continues to grow / improve with the advance of

technology and customer requirements.


Miquest is used for Asset Management, Asset Tracking, Work Management, Defect Reporting, Planned Maintenance, Stock Management, Purchase Control, Invoice Control, Incident / Accident Reporting, Safety Hazard Management, Document Control, Resource Management, Cost Control, Business Reporting.


Miquest Mobile is an easy to use fully customisable application designed to run on industrial mobile devices / pda’s where an ONLINE and OFFLINE facility is required.

Miquest Mobile works in conjunction with Barcode and RFID.


Miquest Display is designed to display key performance information to any browser on any pc / display, any time. 

MiDisplay gets the information to the user without the need to go looking for it.


Miquest Tablet is an easy to use application designed to run on industrial Tablet devices with the ability to run both ONLINE and OFFLINE.

The Miquest Tablet application is the complete answer for remote working.


Miquest Web is an easy to use interface for the Miquest software application, designed to cover the key tasks performed by the majority of the users.