Miquest Bulk Scanning Roadshows 2017

How many hours is your inventory process taking?

Miquest Bulk Scanning Facility

Idhammar will be hosting a number of roadshows up and down the country in 2017 showcasing how you can speed up the station's inventory process by using Miquest Bulk Scanning Facility.

Utilising Ultra High Frequency RFID tags to enable the user to capture the location of multiple assets in a single process.

All the additional information needed for each tag are collated into easy-to-read screens to action at the end of the process, enhancing productivity, efficiency, transparency and reducing time and cost spent on stations' inventory process.

Why attend our roadshows?

  • Discuss and see what other stations are doing to achieve improved asset management through enhancing productivity, efficiency, and transparency of assets

  • Product demonstrations showcasing Bulk Scanning, Remote Working and Real-Time Reporting

These events are free to attend, click here to go to the Idhammar Systems website to see where we will be holding the events.

We hope to see you there!

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