From completely implementing the solution for you to Asset marking and collecting your data Miquest can provide any level of service to ensure a successful implementation

Implementation and Project Management

Miquest can provide any level of implementation from complete Project Management to a supporting role in a large project team. Miquest understands that each implementation and each customer are different. A full project scoping exercise is carried out at the start of every project ensuring:


• Requirements, processes and work flows are documented

• Data requirements identified

• Data Links mapped

• Collection processes put in place

• Training analysis identified

• Project team roles and responsibilities documented

• Risks Identified


This method will ensure a successful implementation and tackle any potential issues head-on from the start.

Software Development

All Miquest products are developed internally by our own development team. Development can include:


  • New Features

  • Mobile Modules 

  • Expansion of current modules

  • New reports

  • Web forms

  • Links to other applications


Miquest believe in talking to users and potential users, exploring new opportunities, this is how we grow.

Software Training

Miquest provide training in all elements of the software suite, Core Application, Web suite, Mobile, Tablet and Display.

Training can be given one to one, group sessions or Train the Trainer sessions.

Training can be structured from application administrators,  end users, report writers and database administrators.

Application Support

Miquest provides support to users with valid support licenses to the complete suite of products.  Support is available via telephone hotline and email. Telephone support is available Monday to Friday. 

A valid Support contract entitles user to new software releases and hot fixes.

Data Collection and Asset Marking

Data Collection is a key part of any implementation. Miquest can assist or perform this task for you. 

From importing data from spreadsheets, other databases, external files to physically marking your Assets with Barcodes or RFID Tags and building the Asset Database for you.

Spreading the cost of an implementation can help with any project. 

Miquest can offer the opportunity to lease the complete cost or just elements of the implementation. 

Costs can be spread over a number of year’s ensuring budgets are not compromised.